Uncertain Voyage

She stared down the wooden boom, past the bow and out into choppy waters. Holding a line for balance, she felt the wind whipping through her hair, exhilarating in the uncertainty of it all.  She might be playing it safe, but it was entirely possible she had gone past the point of no return.

She remembered a time long past.  A time where she was loved, a time where no harm could ever touch her.  Her guard protected her, her handmaids groomed and fed her, her tutors schooled her, her mother and the sisters taught her how to behave and her father doted on her. Her life was planned out; she need question nothing. She was safe.

She allowed the memory to wash over her, warming her to the core even as the winter sea tossed the boat.  She would always cherish those memories of her childhood; her life before the coup.

Today though, she sailed on a cargo ship to Scerne. Several sources reported her mother had been taken there awaiting ransom.

Setting her memories aside, she turned to the first mate. He had spent a lot of time on Scerne and agreed to teach her the layout of the city.  The more she knew going in, the easier to find her mother.

She was no longer the protected child. Her immediate future could hold the key to restoring her family honor, or it might bring her certain death. But while she didn’t know what fate had in store, she would never forget the reasons she had to try.

Source: If I Could Turn Back Time | The Daily Post


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