And I Embrace the Next Challenge

I thought I finally had it covered. Everything was being dealt with, compartmentalized, scheduled. And then the youngest of my three animals developed large tumors and swollen lymph nodes so suddenly, I was convinced of his imminent loss.

There went my schedule… Thankfully, NC State has an awesome vet school. Thankfully my boss agrees I must help my baby. Thankfully I am physically capable of waking up at 3am to make a long drive to reach a 7:30 am appointment that will not be done until 3pm that afternoon. Thankfully, gratefully, it seems to be working. And, most blessedly, after two and a half silent weeks, my buddy gave me his play bark tonight.

 He had nudged his favorite ball under the couch, which makes it my job to pick it up. I’ve been trying to tease him to gauge his reaction for two weeks with little response.. Tonight, I got the playful bark and nibble I’ve been waiting for. And then he sat like a bear, asking me to throw it. That’s my boy!

I thank heaven for it. I realize his prognosis is bleak, I might be buying him a year at best, hopefully longer, but I’ve got to be realistic. But he’s happy again, and that is what matters.

My posts may be intermittent for the time being, but I’m still here. I’m still here admiring all of you beautiful people. My sabbatical just needs an unexpected extension while I figure how to merge this latest challenge into my life.

You all continue to inspire me. 

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