Curse of Hagath

The eyes of the dragon ignited in rage as the prince drew his sword.  Her head rose and she drew in a massive quantity of air, already anticipating the satisfaction she would feel when he was nothing more than charred dead flesh. She remembered the day she returned to her lair to find this mortal standing in a pile of dragon dust.  Gareth, her only son, murdered by a vile human. This prince and his army had singly caused the most destruction she had ever seen in her realm and he had to be stopped.


The prince vowed to be courageous til the last.  He knew nothing of his childhood, and his first memory  of this world was waking up in the den of the monstrous dragoness.  He could only assume she had killed the rest of his family and had been planning to kill him next.  In fact, he had almost died escaping her cave that day. He had vowed to avenge those she had taken from him or die trying. As the giant beast drew in a massive breath, he braced himself for his end.


“Miranda, wait!” Miranda choked back her fire breath mere seconds before unleashing it on the winged creature that had suddenly appeared before her face.

“Out of the way, fairy! This doesn’t concern you!” Miranda growled, annoyed at the interruption, but more annoyed her friend had almost been caught in the line of fire.

“Miranda, you must wait! This is Hagath’s work! She is tricking you! Don’t you see? She tempted Gareth and got him to eat the magical strawberry.  It turned him into a human! Don’t you see? You can’t kill the prince, he is your son!”



Source: Another Milestone


5 thoughts on “Curse of Hagath

  1. Yeah! I like the fantasy take, and the spell angle. Love reading your stuff again most of all! You’ve got a knack for the story. That was about 10 words (I’m guessing)?

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      1. Some folks want a precisely designed structure. Others only need a couple of vague hints. And yet others want a basic outline of a general direction. I write every prompt with these three things in mind.

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