Two options before me, but give no relief
Stay afloat on the ship, or plunge off the bow

The ship is smooth sailing, the sea offers grief

The choice seems so simple, until I ask how

We will live on the ship, and then I am told

I may question nothing if I plan to stay

I don’t have the power to change what I behold

The captain is in charge, he I must obey

Or I may choose the sea, if I reach the floor

There is a small city, a human haven

Where I can live freely, as I had before

Among caring people, unless I am craven.

For there is greater risk of death on this course

A death by drowning, a noble death, I suppose

Or a seamonster’s lunch, brutal death by force

But it’s my own free will, so it is what I chose.


Source: Picture Prompt #48


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