Harnessing Fire

“Step onto the dock and stare into setting sun. 
See the fire of the sun engulf the water, claiming it for it’s own.
Feel the flames consume and transform to their will
Conquering all in its path…

“Now, see a vessel emerge from your center
Push it out into the lake
See the energy of the fire pour into the chalice
Until the chalice is filled to overflowing.
Seal the chalice, holding the fire trapped inside
Begin to bring it back into –“

“I can’t!” The boy shouted, flailing his arms in front of him to wipe the image from his mind.  “The fire won’t stay in! Why won’t the fire stay in?”

“It is a matter of will, Master Killian, ” the priest sighed.  “Only through practice and patience can you master the harnessing of the fire. This amulet helped your father focus, but he was almost twenty before he successfully harnessed the energy.”

“My father is an old man who has more interested in books than the family honor. I must harness the energy before I go to serve the King!” Killian jumped up and glared at the priest. “If you will not teach me, there is another that has guaranteed quicker results!”

“Young Master,” the dread rose in the priest,” if you are referring to who I think you are, only death and destruction come from that path!”

“For some maybe, but glory and honor for me!” Killian snatched the amulet from the priest and shoved him aside, storming out of the sanctuary. “You will regret this old man!”


Feeling the ancient amulet around his neck, it was finally time to make the old priest pay.  He had waited years, as the priest had warned, but not to harness the fire, just to exact his revenge.

He stood on the ridge, staring across the valley at the castle waiting on the other side.  An easy day’s ride, his men would be in place well before sunset tomorrow and the siege would begin.  That priest would regret seeking sanctuary with the enemy. And he would soon deliver another stronghold to his King.

“Lord Killian,” his captain approached. “The men await your orders sir.  Do we march on or make camp?”

“We will make camp here tonight. Make sure the men have plentiful food and drink. I want fresh horses for all. Tell them tomorrow we ride into battle for the glory of their King.”


25 minutes writing, 10 minutes editing

i pick #42
Source: TBP’s On-line Writer’s Guild #4


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