Final Request

imageBillie stepped back from the aluminum framing and studied it with a critical eye.  She felt someone approach from behind.

“You did a really good job,” Ben remarked.  “It’s very life-like. Still creepy as hell though…”

“Oh yeah, definitely creepy as hell…” Billie nodded in agreement. She deepened her voice. “Professor Calvin Thurman. Killed in an explosion in his laboratory by what authorities believe to be a chemistry experiment gone awry.  Forever immortalized by a giant likeness of his head leading the homecoming parade through town every year…”

“It’s honestly the nuttiest final request I’ve ever heard…” Ben shook his head. “So, you gonna help me weave these flowers in?”

“Yup,” Billie started climbing the ladder beside the frame. “I was thinking the those dark pansies Mr. Stellar donated might work good for his hair. Pass me some and we’ll check it out.”

Source: Picture Prompt #50: There be giants


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