Home Shopping Network

“Knock, knock! Gail, you here? It’s Peggy…”

“I’m in the kitchen Peg! Just ignore the recliner in the foyer and step over the China set.  Watch out for the chandelier! I’m waiting on a mount before I can hang it. I’m just beyond the potted ferns.  It doesn’t look it, but you can push through them easily.”

A few moments of rustling ensued before Gail heard squawking followed by a yelp of surprise.

“Meet Tinker! He’s my new parrot. Sorry, forgot to mention him. Oh, and don’t let me forget to take you out back to meet Georgie-boy.  You’re good with bull mastiffs, right?”

Peg sighed in exasperation as she parted the heavy ferns to enter the main kitchen area.

“Gail, we need to call Mary. This is getting ridiculous. She can help.”

Gail dismissed Peggy with her hand.  “Mary is a fuddy duddy! Come, pull up a barstool.   Park Avenue Diamond is about to start.  I need help deciding between a classic princess cut or one of those chocolate diamonds.  And then Your Home with Jill has their outdoor edition today! I need to figure out an outdoor space out back so I can sit and stargaze at night. The sky is so much bigger here, Peg! It’s gorgeous…”

Peggy faced her friend across the island and pulled a cell phone from her purse. “I’m calling Mary. Right now.”

Gail sighed and rolled her eyes.

“Mary? Hi, this is Peggy McKenzie. Yes, that’s right… In fact, I’m standing here with her now. It seems she’s shopping again…”

25 minutes writing and 10 to edit and look up infommercial names (there is some… interesting…. stuff out there!)  Random # 3


now one of us has to tell Mary
conflict diamonds
the sky is so much bigger here

Source: TBP’s On-line Writer’s Guild #7


3 thoughts on “Home Shopping Network

      1. I love the “that just what happened” kind of story. Seems you and I were writing at the same time tonight, too. Fun!


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