My name is Karmen and I am in my early thirties. About two years ago I had the sudden epiphany that I had spend almost my entire twenties on autopilot. I was going through the motions of life, but not appreciating or analyzing my life.

After realizing this, it has taken me time to figure out what to do about it. In fact, I am still figuring out what to do about it, and that is the main purpose of this blog. This is a place where I can share my interests, my goals, my failures and my accomplishments. It is a place where I can acknowledge my life, learn from my actions and possibly even pass some kernel of wisdom on to someone else.

This is not my first WordPress site, but it is my first public one.  I have kept a personal journal off and on throughout my entire life and have a private blog on WordPress that I have been keeping for a few years to store my more private thoughts as well as ideas for different articles and stories I would like to write.  I won’t pretend that have have faithfully kept up with the private blog, because I most certainly have not.  That is part of the reason I want to create a public blog instead of just relying on my private journals.  There is more accountability in a public blog.  Even if I have no followers and it is a year before anyone reads even a single one of my entries, I know that it is possible for anyone to read what I have written at any time.  Therefore, I had better be damned accountable for what I have written.

My minimal goal in this venture is, at the very least, to have a better understanding of myself and I would love to have a better relationship with the world around me. I am going through a couple of transitions at the moment, some I am already planning on sharing and have hinted on in my Goals for 2015 post, others that I have kept private for now, but may share in the future.  I intend to write about my experiences as I work towards these goals, as well as explore and comment on things I find that interest me along the way.  If I can use this blog to be honest about myself and expand my viewpoint, then I will consider my overall goal accomplished.


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