Half a World Away

She clutched her coffee, her only anchor to normalcy in this new reality she had created for herself. She still wore her hat and sunglasses, but the bruising had already faded to the point that  a heavy application of foundation would completely hide it.  In a few days, all evidence of her old life would be gone.  It was a good thing; Signor Luis had arranged for her to start at the flower shop Monday morning.
She had done it.  She had escaped.  She walked down the crowded alleyway, allowing Monica to fade into a distant memory and Celeste emerged to take on the world.
Source: Picture Prompt #28: Not Here

Escaping Miners Hill

Miner's Hill

The only residents remaining in the small town of Miners Hill are spirits.  Most folks think it’s been that way for decades, but it’s only really been true for about two years.  

It’s been two years since I found her eatin’ stale bread out the dumpster and dragged her in the bakery and ordered her to wash up.  She refused to say anything that first day as she stuffed blueberry muffins and croissants down her mouth, washin’ it down with some OJ.  Over the course of that first year, I learned bits and pieces as she helped me knead dough and sweep the floors.

She had a Ma and a Pa and a baby brother. How they came to live in Miners Hill she could not remember, they had always been there.  A supply truck came in once a month with an order her Ma would place over the phone.  She and her brother would play in an old playground, complete with rusting swing set and creaky see saws and merry go round.  Her Pa, well, she didn’t much talk about him that first year.  But by the time she told me the whole story, I think them spirits in Miners Hill wanted her Pa for their own devices.