TBP’s On-line Writer’s Guild #15

“Oh no, not again… Damnit, Rick!”

“What’s wrong, doll?”

“Buster got in the trash again an’ this rug is ruined! Looks like someone bled out!”

“What the hell was in the trash can, babe?”

“My hair dye! This color red don’t make itself ya know…”

“Aw, but it looks so sexy on ya, baby…”

“Thanks Ricky, you’re so sweet… What’re we gonna do bout this dog though? The rug is pure destroyed!”

“It’s all good, baby doll… Me an Bobby got a thing tonight, I’ll get ya a new rug. Tomorrow morning it’ll all be fixed.”

“Just like my Ricky, take a problem and make it all better. You’re so good to me baby…”

“Hush now, nuff sweet talk, I got’s to go pick up Bobby now. Make sure them windows are shut, will ya doll? S’posed to be a bad storm come through tonight.”

“I love a thunderstorm! Sit out on the front stoop in the rocker… Thunder rumblin’… Watchin’ the lightin’…  Frogs and crickets chirpin’… Best thing in the world… ‘sides you, baby…”

“Don’t wait up, doll. I’ll have you a brand new rug in the morning.”


Timed Free Write incorporating the following phrases:

she loved storms
Oh no, not again!
Just like Rick

Twenty minutes to write enjoying a glass of wine by the water. And a special thanks to the rambunctious good ole southern boys at the next table and the waitress with unnaturally red hair for the inspiration…. Number 47 please.

Source: TBP’s On-line Writer’s Guild #15

7 thoughts on “TBP’s On-line Writer’s Guild #15

  1. And here we thought (that would be the ‘royal’ we by the way) that it was the subtle cerebral stimulation provided by TBP OLWG that provided the inspiration. Please give our best to the southern gentlemen and your server for their contributions to your creative process.
    Fun read – thanks for playing.

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  2. Oh believe me… TBP OLWG is the majority of the inspiration. My southern gentlemen and kind server just steered the direction… Here’s to wishing they all make it home without a DUI…

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  3. The other WE loves it when a scenario you happen to witness/overhear makes the old writing fingers twitch. Great to incorporate it with the prompt.

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