All Jammed Up

“Carla, please tell me everything’s ready for this meeting…

I really need your help, there is no way I’m making it in before nine thirty…

I don’t know… There’s some parade, or protest, something, I don’t know, but roads are blocked and everything’s locked up.

Just  make sure there are enough copies for everyone in the client team. You know what, make twenty to be safe.

You’ re the best, don’t let anyone say otherwise. I’ll be quick as I can.”

Stephanie pushed the off button on the side of her steering wheel, and started craning her neck, trying to find some glimmer of hope that traffic would move again soon.  Two lanes over, she spotted a van with the logo “Garrion Industrial”, and counted at least eight people through the windows.

Well, at least her clients were stuck in the same jam up she was.

Source: Sunday Photo Fiction – February 28th 2016

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